Climate Emergency

Totnes Town Council Declared a Climate Emergency (3rd December 2018)

We need the involvement of all our residents and businesses as well as the views of visitors and experts to assist us in creating an Action Plan that will enable us to assist the town to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and support our biodiversity from major extinction by mitigating our impact on wild species and Protecting and Enhancing our Natural Environment.

To achieve this we have been hosting monthly meetings to discuss and solicit ideas and proposals for an Action Plan. This is the most recent version 6 of the Action Plan that includes the inputs from the public event we hosted on August 10th. (This is due to be combined with the proposals and actions from the earlier Community Conversation event in July).

A report of the event of 10th August 2019 is at this link

The next Totnes TC Climate Emergency Meeting will take place on Saturday 21st September from 10am - 12 noon at The Guildhall. All welcome. At that meeting we will be discussing and planning a week long public consultation and series of engagement events in the first week of November, which will enable us to develop the ideas and actions proposed to date into an inspiring and creative Action Plan across a timeline of change. This is a graphic of the steps that we will be considering basing this process on.

(Feel free to bring a packed lunch if you wish to stay on for the Totnes Wombles event that follows)

This will be followed by A Totnes Wombles Event at 1pm.

TAKE ACTION ON WASTE: This is an open invitation to join forces with friends and neighbours to go out on a litter pick around the town to reduce the plastic and other rubbish that might otherwise pollute the land, river and sea and cause devastation to our wildlife.  This will be a fun event.  Please bring high visibility jackets and strong working gloves if you have them.  Meet at Totnes Guildhall at 1pm  Poster attached here - please share

The links to notes from our previous informal TC meetings are below:
Meeting no.6 Notes July 6th 2019 
Meeting no.5 Notes 15th June 2019
Meeting no.4 Notes 18th May 2019
Meeting no.3 Notes 13th April 2019
Meeting no. 2 Notes 2nd March 2019
Meeting no.1 Notes 26th January 2019

This is the original motion we agreed on December 3rd 2018

This is a link to the Transition Town Totnes Totnes & District 2030: An Energy Descent Action Plan published in 2010. It still has useful ideas and proposals.


A community-run Facebook Page for this group can be found here. A book list on the subject has been compiled which includes reference numbers of where they can be found in either Totnes library or ordered through the Devon Libraries network.