Town Team

The next meeting of the Town Team will be at 7pm on Thursday 10th April 2014 in the REconomy Centre (14-15 Leechwell St, on the corner opposite the Lamb). 

Agreed actions from the meeting on 6th March are available here

The notes from the Hidden Britain workshop in January are available to read below: 

Mystery Visitor Survey

Totnes Strategy

Marketing Audit Summary 


 The notes from the meeting on Wednesday 30th October are available here


The following links are of interest:  - Hidden Britain specialises in discovering and developing responsible rural tourism. They will be facilitating the Team workshop in January and their website gives interesting advice and case studies.  - Action for Market Towns is a not-for-profit organisation which provides information and advice to small towns. Their website has interesting and relevant case studies. - The Association of Town and City Management, which is dedicated to helping town and city centres realise their natural roles as prosperous locations for business and investment and as focal points for vibrant, inclusive communities.