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Co-option of a Totnes Bridgetown Councillor  - Deadline 27th August 2019


And see here. 

 Arts and Craft Market Friday 23rd August 

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Arts and Craft Market on Friday 23rd August has been cancelled.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The Arts and Craft Market on Friday 27th September will go ahead.

SHDC Polling District and Polling Places Review 

South Hams District Council is currently conducting a review of polling stations in the district and are inviting comments - see here for more information.


 Totnes Town Council is urging everyone in Totnes to support our local Fire Services

In response to the recent public announcement to reduce local fire services throughout Devon, the Town Council is encouraging everyone to find out more about the proposals and send in responses to support our Fire Services in Totnes.  We are also asking residents to consider putting themselves forward to join the excellent team of Firefighters we have in Totnes.  They deserve and need our support.

An Opportunity to Have Your Say

The new proposals include reducing the number of fire engines (‘pumps’) at Totnes Fire Station down from two to one. The public are invited to make their views known and Totnes Town Council is urging residents of Totnes to consider the implications of this for the town in terms of the potential risk to saving lives and our many heritage buildings. Please see the following link for details of a drop in event on 14th August in Totnes Library:

Why we need to Retain TWO Fire Engines

The narrow high street is lined with many timber framed buildings that are centuries old that are very vulnerable to fires that can quickly spread putting lives and buildings at risk. At least two Fire Engines are called out to house fires; however if one of those services needs to travel from outside Totnes this could make a critical difference to the outcome of the fire and the risk to the smaller group of firefighters initially attending the fire.

This is the link for the on-line consultation on the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service website: https:/ Paper copies are available at the public drop-in consultations or by calling Tel. 01392-872347. The public consultation runs until September 20th.

Totnes Fire Services Need more Recruits

However an ongoing major problem for our local fire services is the lack of local recruits which means that even if we are able to retain the second fire engine there is currently insufficient fire men and women in the local team trained and ready to take it out in response to an emergency call. This is a request from Totnes Town Council asking people to consider putting themselves forward to be part of our local fire service and join the Totnes Fire Response Team. Enquiries can be made via Totnes Fire Station FB page


Tree Preservation Orders

Are you concerned about whether a tree in the town is protected in any way? Councils can use Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) to protect trees, groups or woodlands of significant public amenity value and where there is a likelihood of threat to the tree. For further information see the local information page here. 


Public Session for all Full Council meetings

Don’t forget that following the adoption of new Standing Orders, public question time will be held for the 30 minutes before Full Council (from 6.30pm), not the formalised 15 minutes during the meeting as before.

 Caring Town Survey


 Caring Town are asking all residents of Totnes and the surrounding parishes to fill out this online survey. 


Caring Town is a network of over 80 local organisations and groups that care about our community. Caring Town are running this survey so that together, they can better understand the unmet needs of you and your loved ones - and then take action.

So please take just 10 minutes of your time and contribute your voice to this important piece of work - even if just to tell us you feel perfectly well and need nothing!

If the above link does not work, please try this one:

Market Square Improvements - Designs and Comment Deadline

An exciting programme of improvements to uplift the appearance of Totnes Market Square has been agreed by South Hams District Council, in close partnership with Totnes Town Council. 

The enhancement programme designed by local architects Harrison Sutton Partnership, looks to deliver replacement bespoke steps with integrated planters and seating areas. The existing ramp will be widened and re-levelled and clad in oak sleepers with additional improvements to lighting. Mosaic art pieces produced by a local artist and school children will be included in the design, together with a new drinking water fountain.

The entire area will be resurfaced with the improvements being scheduled to avoid peak use in the summer season and during December when the Christmas Markets take place.

The timeline for the improvement projects will be phased over a 12 -18 month period starting in autumn 2019. The steps and ramp are to be completed in 2019 with the surfacing to follow in early 2020.

A tendering process will be undertaken early next year to appoint a contractor to carry out the works.

Cllr John Tucker, Leader of South Hams District Council, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to work in close partnership with Totnes Town Council to improve an important piece of public realm to the quality and standard it deserves. We are delighted help bring this scheme forward and know the improvements will further enhance the town. We will make sure that work will be carried out around key dates for the market area and developed with community use firmly in mind.”

Catherine Marlton, Totnes Town Council’s Town Clerk, said: “The Town Council undertook a Community Budgeting exercise in 2017 which showed just how important the public realm of Totnes is to residents, business owners and visitors. As a result the Town Council has entered into a partnership with SHDC to turn the original resurfacing of the Market Square into a larger scale upgrade of that area, which is high traffic for users and is also the location of the popular markets. I am hopeful that this project can bring real benefits and prove that Councillors are willing to respond and invest in priorities the community raise.”

The designs can be found here.


Totnes Town Ranger - Contact Details

The Town Ranger for Totnes is now in post. if you have any issues about the town, for example unsafe hand rails, graffiti or cleanliness, please contact him on 



Problem on the Roads? 

Don't forget you can report any of the road problems listed below on this DCC page:

Flooding & blocked drain
Street light
Hazardous or fallen trees
Overgrown vegetation
Trip hazard
Broken manhole cover
Public rights of way
Debris or obstruction
Defective road markings or signs
Retaining walls
Traffic lights
Fences & barriers
Lit signs & bollards








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