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Climate Emergency Working Group

These meetings are held monthly on a Tuesday at 6.30pm, and currently conducted via Zoom.

Upcoming Meetings

THURSDAY 23rd June 2022 – This month’s special extended meeting of Totnes Climate & Ecological Emergency Action Plan working group will be a FACE TO FACE WORKSHOP , in person and take place this Thursday 23rd June 2022 at Totnes Guildhall, starting at the earlier time of 5pm to 8pm. There will be some snacks to fortify us. All welcome.

Workshop Agenda:

1. Who’s here – 20 sec go around (please be brief)

2. Completing the Totnes Climate & Ecological Emergency Action Plan (Part 1)- this workshop is the first of two special sessions being organised to enable us to finalise this document and turn it into a real plan we can share far and wide and get active on.

This week’s workshop will focus on finishing up five of the 11 key themes in the Action Plan. Please come and make your contribution to this really important piece of work for the Town and surrounding parishes.

3. Any other urgent business or updates*

4. Date of Next (part 2) workshop (to complete the other 6 themes): Tuesday 19th  July 5.00 – 8pm

There was a special Climate Emergency meeting to discuss the new Climate Emergency policy on Tuesday 5th April at 6.30pm. Please see the document below.

Recent Meetings

Totnes Town Council has Declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency

Totnes Town Council Declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency on 3rd December 2018.

An Action Planning Week held in November 2019 resulted in a number of outcome, and the further work has been completed to identify who should be asked to take on these ideas for action and make them happen and progress can be found in the latest updates document. 

Useful references:
Our Place Our Plan website https://ourplaceourplanet.org
Sustainable South Hams website http://www.sustainablesouthhams.org

Devon Climate Emergency Website https://www.devonclimateemergency.org.uk/

Read more about Net-Zero Task Force’s press announcement about the ‘call for evidence’.

A new Devon Climate Emergency website, has launched, detailing the work of the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group and the Net-Zero Task Force. Please take a moment to have a look at the website, specifically the information about the Devon Carbon Plan.

We are asking Members to also be aware of the Devon Climate Emergency social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, (Instagram will follow), and we invite Members to follow, like, retweet and share messages. Here are links to those social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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