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Council Objectives

To view the list of Town Council’s Strategic Plan 2024-29 document see https://www.totnestowncouncil.gov.uk/council-business/policies/

Our Local Environment

  • To protect and improve access to civic spaces, open spaces, green spaces and blue spaces.
  • Ensure that future development is suitable, sustainable and addresses local needs.
  • Secure and celebrate heritage assets in our town.
  • Ensure that Totnes is a clean safe and attractive place for current and future generations to live work and visit.
  • Support a sustainable approach to traffic management throughout Totnes including Links to surrounding towns and parishes.
  • Ensure that section 106 funding is used to greatest effect.

Our Local Economy

  • Support the local economy to maintain and create new high quality and inclusive job opportunities. Particularly in better paid industries, the environmental sector and highly skilled sectors.
  • Ensure the town centre remains vibrant and offers a mix of goods and services as well as a focal point of the community in terms of culture, heritage and the arts.
  • Ensure all businesses in Totnes have an opportunity to be heard and contribute to future planning.
  • Explore opportunities to develop a circular economy in Totnes. Building on the history of Totnes and making the most of its proximity to Schumacher college.
  • Promote and support local food producing businesses and networks in and around Totnes and promote Totnes as a healthy and sustainable food destination.

Our Local Community

  • To support a lively, connected community and Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all residents.
  • Encourage active lifestyles for all.
  • Support the health and wellbeing of young people.
  • Protect and enhance access to open, green and blue spaces (access to open, green and blue spaces is also a key objective in our environment strategy)
  • Support access to art and music in Totnes.
  • Ensure access to information about local events, activities, opportunities and other community information.
  • Protect and improve the unique heritage and history of Totnes.
  • Work with the community and other stakeholders on place shaping and community development.
Thu 18th June 2020
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Wed 6th March 2024