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Registrable Interests

Totnes Town Councillors’ Registrable Interests can be viewed on the South Hams District Council website or clicking on the individual Councillor profiles above.

Working Group Membership 2023/24

Arts & EventsCouncillors Allen, Hannam, Piper, Presswell & Price
Council Assets & Public RealmCouncillors Auletta, Collinson, Hodgson, Peters, Piper, Presswell & Price
Climate Emergency ForumCouncillors Cooper, Cummings & Hodgson
Traffic & Transport ForumCouncillors Auletta, Cummings, Hodgson & Peters (Cllrs Bennett & Collinson attend as representatives of other organisations, not as Cllrs)
Cultural Links  Councillors Piper
ArtsCouncillors Allen & Piper
Elderly and Vulnerable People Councillors Collinson & Presswell 
Young People/Youth Councillors Hannam & Hodgson
Heritage Councillors Allen, Auletta & Price
Open Space, Sports Provision and Leisure Councillors Auletta, Piper & Roberts
Traffic and Transport Councillors Auletta & Cummings
Environment, Sustainability & Air QualityCouncillors Collinson, Cummings & Hodgson
DisabilityCouncillor Collinson
Business and EmploymentCouncillors Bennett, Peters, Piper & Price 

Representatives On Outside Bodies 2023/24

TADPOOL Councillor Hannam
Totnes Allotments Association Councillor Hodgson 
Vire Twinning Association Councillors Cooper & Price
Totnes Municipal Charities and Totnes Bounds CharityCouncillors Allen
KEVICC Foundation Governors Councillors Bennett, Hannam, Price & Smallridge (Cllr Hodgson as County Cllr)  
Parish Paths Partnership Councillor Allen 
Totnes Hospital League of Friends Councillor Hannam
DALC Larger Councils CommitteeCouncillors Hodgson & Price
Dart Harbour Community Group
(formerly River Dart Non-Beneficiaries Group) 
Councillors Cummings & Piper
Totnes Chamber of CommerceCouncillors Bennett, Peters & Price
FairtradeCouncillors Allen & Hodgson
Museum TrustCouncillor Allen 
Caring TownCouncillors Hannam & Price
Network of WellbeingCouncillors Cummings & Hodgson
Bridgetown AliveCouncillor Piper
Friends of Totnes MuseumCouncillor Allen
Daisy and Rainbow ChildcareCouncillor Bennett
Inclusive TotnesCouncillors Hodgson & Price
Police and Crime Commissioner Councillor AdvocateCouncillor Peters 
Totnes Community Development Society Councillors Piper & Price
Devon Countryside Forum Councillors Allen & Hodgson
Rural Services Network Councillors Allen & Hodgson
Friends of SalfitCouncillors Allen & Price
TQ9 PartnershipCouncillors Chinnock & Peters
Schools EngagementCouncillor Bennett
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