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Registrable Interests

Totnes Town Councillors’ Registrable Interests can be viewed on the South Hams District Council website or clicking on the individual Councillor profiles above.

Working Group Membership 2022/23

Arts & EventsCouncillors Allen, Hannam, Piper & Skinner
Council Assets & Public RealmCouncillors Adams, Collinson, Hodgson, Piper, Price & Skinner
Climate EmergencyCouncillors Allen, Collinson, Cummings, & Hodgson (Chair)
Totnes Future ForumCouncillors Allen, Collinson, Hodgson & Price
Traffic & Transport ForumCouncillors Bennett, Collinson, Hodgson & Webberley
Cultural Links  Councillors Adams and Allen
ArtsCouncillors Allen, Piper and Skinner
Elderly and Vulnerable People Councillor Collinson and Webberley 
Young People/Youth Councillors Hannam, Hodgson, Price and Webberley
Heritage Councillor Allen
Open Space, Sports Provision and Leisure Councillor Webberley 
Traffic and Transport Councillor Collinson and Webberley
Environment, Sustainability & Air QualityCouncillor Collinson, Cummings and Hodgson
DisabilityCouncillors Collinson and Webberley
Business and EmploymentCouncillors Bennett, Collinson, Price and Skinner 

Representatives On Outside Bodies 2022/23

TADPOOL Councillors Skinner and Webberley
Totnes Allotments Association Councillor Hodgson 
Vire Twinning Association Councillors Adams and Price
Totnes Municipal Charities and Totnes Bounds CharityCouncillors Adams and Paine
KEVICC Foundation Governors Councillors Adams, Hannam, Price and Webberley 
Parish Paths Partnership Councillor Allen 
Totnes Hospital League of Friends Councillor Hannam and Hendriksen
DALC Larger Councils CommitteeCouncillor Price
Dart Harbour Community Group
(formerly River Dart Non-Beneficiaries Group) 
Councillor Adams 
DALC County Committee  Councillor Hodgson
Totnes Chamber of CommerceCouncillor Price and Skinner
FairtradeCouncillors Hannam and Hodgson
Museum TrustCouncillor Allen 
Caring TownCouncillors Hendriksen, Collinson and Webberley
Network of WellbeingCouncillor Allen 
Bridgetown AliveCouncillor Webberley
Friends of Totnes MuseumCouncillor Allen
Daisy and Rainbow ChildcareCouncillors Bennett and Skinner
Inclusive TotnesCouncillors Allen, Hodgson, Price and Webberley
Police and Crime Commissioner Councillor AdvocateCouncillor Piper 
Totnes Community Development Society Councillor Webberley 
Devon Countryside Forum Councillors Allen
Rural Services Network Councillors Allen and Price
Friends of SalfitCouncillor Hendriksen
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Mon 16th January 2023