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Tree Preservation Orders & Advice

Tree Preservation Orders

Are you concerned about whether a tree in the town is protected in any way? Councils can use Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) to protect trees, groups or woodlands of significant public amenity value and where there is a likelihood of threat to the tree. For further information on how to make a request for a TPO, or to check if a tree has TPO on it, please see the South Hams District Council Tree Preservation Orders page.

Any planned works on a tree with a TPO on it has to be applied for in advance and the local planning authority’s written consent is required before any work is carried out.

Within Conservation Areas, if you wish to do works on a tree with a stem diameter in excess of 75mm (roughly the size of a standard tin can) at 1.5 metres from the ground, or you wish to carry out felling to improve the growth of other trees, (for example thinning operations) and the tree you wish to work on about has a diameter in excess of 100mm at 1.5 metres from the ground, you must submit an application for Trees in a Conservation Area (TCA).

Ash Dieback

You may have heard through various media outlets that our much revered native ash trees are currently at a high risk of infection from Ash Dieback disease which may affect their health and eventually the stability of the whole tree in some instances.

DCC have produced a general information leaflet which they are distributing to householders around the County and have also created a highly informative website about the disease and who is responsible for infected trees.

If you have concerns that Ash trees within your parish that grow alongside highways, byways, bridleways or footpath may be infected by Ash Dieback, these trees need to be reported to Devon County Council highways via their website.

Thu 18th June 2020
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