Council Priorities - 2015-2019


Tourism Partnership: Town Council to take the lead in forming the partnership

Town Centre Management: Town Council to take the lead, perhaps through provision of a Town Centre Manager

Buildings Audit: Review all Town Council assets and work out which should be retained and improved and which could be disposed of

Town Council procurement policy to make sure we buy things that are local, sustainable and Fairtrade

Buying local and supporting the local food economy eg by encouraging recycling and events such as regular farmers’ markets in the Civic Hall

Seek opportunities to work with others, such as the Chamber of Commerce, to promote the economic wellbeing of the town

Atmos Project - ensure that we learn from the work being carried out

Town Council to use its influence to ensure industrial sites are well-managed

Support the expansion of 4G broadband coverage in the town

Be open to income generation opportunities.


Town Centre Improvements - use the Tourism Partnership and Town Centre Manager to improve the built environment and improve cleanliness, signage, street furniture etc

Traffic - Post April 2016, when the Appeal has been heard, manage the situation and support the town to deal with the decision

Support the planning process

Encourage efficient use of resources and energy via planning policies

Council support for recycling and re-use, working with other partners in the town

Protect and improve natural heritage assets of the town via planning and partnership working.

Social and Community

Encourage the provision of more social housing

Use Town Council assets to support community use and activity eg. the Civic Hall

Develop the Neighbourhood plan to successful conclusion

Encourage employment opportunities, especially higher paid jobs, through the Town Council planning function eg by supporting the creation and preservation of employment land

Support cultural events and festivals in town to create vibrancy and appeal to young people

Provide good community information via our website and Town Centre Manager

Continue to support Caring Town Totnes through membership of the group

Work with community groups on open spaces and cycle routes

Support the young of the town and recognise their needs

Culture and Heritage

Develop a cultural plan for Totnes

Encourage a culture of compassion

Via Planning, encourage work units/places for craft workers and others

Encourage public art – via Planning eg railings

Support the library in principle and education via linked governorships

Communal space – manage so that it is viable into the future to allow cultural activities in town

Lobby for good licensing within the town

Maintain buildings in Town Council ownership- have maintenance plans in place and budget provision, including possible grant funding

General heritage in Totnes – the Town Council is keen that all heritage assets are well maintained. We’ll bring any problems to the attention of the correct authority or owners and seek enforcement action if necessary – maintain a watching brief