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Totnes & District Traffic & Transport Forum (Jun 2020)

4:30 pm Fri 5th June 2020
6:00 pm Fri 5th June 2020

This is another urgent meeting to enable Totnes stakeholders to discuss social distancing in Totnes town centre during the current COVID-19 crisis as shops prepare to reopen.

Background info: Two meetings were held last week in Totnes to facilitate the discussion of a number of highways adaptations and measures for which government funding is being offered to assist with the opening up of lockdown during this pandemic. The discussions were based on possible options in response to the briefing from DCC Cabinet member Cllr Stuart Hughes:

  1. To enable Social distancing in busy shopping streets
  2. To support active travel, i.e. cycling and walking

Further to the T&DTTF meeting held last Wednesday 27th May, followed by the Emergency Meeting of Totnes Town council on Thursday evening, an application has been made for grant funding to DCC. This application was based on the 2 key areas and phased tranches of funding being made available (A & B above).

This Extra meeting on Friday is to focus on and discuss the Social Distancing and Shared Space elements of the Town council application for funding support sent to DCC. As a town we can start making preparations in advance of the forthcoming reopening of more shops in the town centre and the markets.


  1. Welcome, agenda items and brief update
  2. Update on COVID-19 Special Grant Funding
  3. Queue management, hygiene & social distancing on the half days closed to vehicles
  4. Implementing Shared Space measures:
    • Access only access
    • Planters & benches
    • Clear pavements
    • 5 mph speed limit (share this space at walking pace)
    • Safe crossing places
    • The Narrows & Upper Castle Street traffic reversal
    • Developing Social Spaces – The Rotherfold, Civic (market) Square, The Mansion
    • Signage & other elements
  5. AOB
  6. Date & ‘venue’ for next meeting (Weds 24th June @6.30pm))

T&DTTF is an advisory body to Totnes Town Council on transport matters

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