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Flying the flag for Totnes

Totnes is now proudly flying a town flag. Following a decision by Full Council at its May meeting, the Council has had a town flag made which shows the familiar town crest of the castle (or water gatehouse), keys and river which can be traced back to the 15th century, on the green, black and white cross of the Devon flag (a relative newcomer with the flag being adopted in 2003!). The flag will regularly fly from the Civic Hall flagpole, with the Union flag being flown on designated days.

The current Mayor Councillor Ben Piper said: ‘I’ve always thought that our ancient borough should have its own colours- as we are located in Devon we have gone for a modern design incorporating the recently adopted Devon colours, in combination with our ancient town crest. I think it looks great flying over the Civic Hall and adds to the historic feeling of the town for locals and tourists alike’.
Tue 22nd June 2021
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Tue 22nd June 2021
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