Totnes Town Council has announced the 2024 dates when local community groups can apply for a grant to support projects that make positive changes in the town. A total of £25,000 is available. Grant applications open on the council’s website at www.totnestowncouncil.gov.uk/your-community/community-grants/ on 25 March 2024. Community organisations have until 5pm on 9 May 2024 to submit their application.

Cllr Emily Price, Mayor of Totnes, said: “In Totnes we’re very lucky to have such dedicated community groups supporting so many different residents – including those who are most vulnerable. I’m really proud that the Town Council can provide essential financial help to support this fantastic work, which makes such a difference to our community.”

To apply for a grant, community organisations need to complete the simple form on the council’s website, which asks for details on how the funds will be spent. Projects that help meet the objectives set out in the Town Council’s 2024-29 Strategy will be prioritised. The grants are funded by a portion of the Council Tax that is collected from Totnes residents.  Councillors will allocate the available funding at the Full Council meeting on Monday 10 June 2024 and successful applicants will be informed after this date. 

Last year, Totnes Town Council allocated grants worth £25,000 to a diverse range of community groups including, Food in Community, South Hams Citizens Advice, Stepping Stones – Totnes Food Bank, Mindful Making at St John’s Church, Totnes Caring and Totnes Rural Area Youth Engagement Project. Applications for the 2023 Community Grant totalled £65,000.

Cllr Price continued: “Last year we were heavily over-subscribed. We were very sorry that we had to prioritise applications and we were not always able to give every group as much as they requested. To help to overcome this, and help our community groups continue their vital work, we’re actively trying to make sure that groups are aware of other potential sources of funding.  Once a week, we update our website with the latest local and national grants available.  Go to https://www.totnestowncouncil.gov.uk/your-community/funding-opportunities/ New opportunities come up every week, so it’s worth regularly checking here.  South Hams District Council can also be a great source of funding for our local groups. Through the Sustainable Communities Fund, each South Hams District Ward Councillor has £2,000 to support community projects that benefit their ward. Each Ward Councillor also has £2,000 through the South Hams District Council Climate Change and Biodiversity Fund to distribute locally. In Totnes we have three ward councillors – Cllr John Birch, Cllr Georgina Allen and Cllr Anna Presswell.  You can find out more about these grants and apply here: https://www.southhams.gov.uk/communities/community-grants-and-funding

“There’s also a potential for funding via South Hams District Council’s Shared Prosperity Fund.  The criteria for applications to this fund is that groups must be able to match fund at least 50% of the project costs and the grant must cover capital costs.  We hope that some of the groups that are successful in receiving a Totnes Town Council Community Grant will be able to use our grant as a springboard to unlock this additional funding from South Hams District Council.  More details on the Shared Prosperity Fund can be found here: https://www.southhams.gov.uk/your-council/budgets-and-finance/budgets-and-spending/uk-shared-prosperity-fund/community

Grants awarded by Totnes Town Council are public money, collected as part of the town precept (Council Tax) and the Council is accountable to local people for all expenditure. Therefore, very stringent criteria to each application.

Who can apply

• Not-for-profit, constituted organisations.

• Registered charities.

• Social enterprises, including CICs.

• Unincorporated clubs and associations.

• Schools, where the support is outside of statutory provision and is directed at addressing hardship faced by families with children at the school

All applicants must

• Be governed by an active management committee of at least 3 unrelated people, such as Trustees and Directors.

• Have a bank account in the name of the organisation with at least 2 unrelated signatories.

• Have a Governing document, such as a Constitution, set of rules, Memorandum and Articles of Association.

• Have up-to-date annual Accounts.

• Have Safeguarding and Equality Policies in place, which are up-to-date and comply with latest legislation

Totnes Town Council Community Grant timeline

25 March – Grant application process opens

9 May – Grant applications close.

20 May – Council Matters Committee considers grant applications and makes a recommendation to Full Council on allocations.

10 June – Full Council considers grant application recommendations.

11 June – Applicants informed.

2023 Totnes Town Council Community Grants

The following projects were awarded a 2023 Totnes Town Council Community Grant:

  • Stepping Stones – Totnes Food Bank & TQ9 Community Food Club – awarded £3,530 (50% of the amount requested)
  • St John’s Church – Bubbles, Birds, and Sewing Bees – awarded £722 (25% of the amount requested)
  • Totnes Library – Kitchen and Refreshments – awarded £1,210.05 (75% of the amount requested)
  • Totnes Rural Area Youth Engagement (TRAYE) – Bridgetown Youth Club – awarded £3,750 (75% of the amount requested)
  • DYS Space – Subsidising trips for young people over the summer – awarded £500 (100% of the amount requested)
  • Citizens Advice South Hams – Totnes Community Outreach Programme – awarded £5,969 (50% of the amount requested)
  • Totnes Caring – Lunch Club – awarded £6,626 (50% of the amount requested)
  • Food in Community – Cost-of-living support for struggling households – awarded £2,645.90 (75% of the amount requested)

Find out more and apply

If you’d like to find out more, please email: reception@totnestowncouncil.gov.uk or call 01803 862147. To apply for a grant and to find out more about the criteria, go to www.totnestowncouncil.gov.uk/your-community/community-grants/

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