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Make a Change, Become a Councillor

Are you passionate about our community? Do you want to help make a long-lasting change? Do you have innovative ideas for the council? Do you have concerns about a specific issue and want to do something about it? If this is you, then we need you. We need people from all backgrounds and experiences who reflect our community to put themselves forward for election. Make a change and become a councillor.



Totnes Town Council is seeking a dedicated and motivated person to fill a vacancies as a Town Councillor (one Totnes Town Ward).

Notice of the casual vacancy is below and whether an election or co-option will take place will be known after 19th April 2024

Elections for Totnes Town Councillors are held every four years, with the next full election taking place in May 2024, however vacancies can arise during this term. When a vacancy comes up public notices will be produced. Firstly, the public are asked if they wish for an election to take place, with 10 signatures or more required from residents in the ward (the area of the town which the Councillor represents, so either Totnes Town or Bridgetown) for the election to go ahead. If there is no request for an election then a public notice is issued inviting those interested in becoming a Councillor to contact the Clerk, the applications are then reviewed by the Council and a new councillor is ‘co-opted’.

Town Councils work best when the Council works as a team and the National Association of Local Councils encourages party politics to be put to one side even though you may represent a political group. Individuals are also expected to conduct their Councillor role according to the seven principles of public life know as the ‘Nolan Principles’ which are: selflessness; integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness, honesty; and leadership.

Co-option to Vacancies

Where a vacancy arises outside of the normal election cycle, if there is no request for an election to be held that the vacancy can be filled by co-option. The process that will be followed in such cases is set out in the Council’s policy document:

For more information have a read of ‘The Good Councillor Guide’ or contact the Clerk at clerk@totnestowncouncil.gov.uk or 01803 862147.

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