Totnes Neighbourhood Plan

 Update from Cllr Luker - Just a couple of clarification point concerning the Neighbourhood Plan report in the Totnes Times today (Friday 11th October):

a) we are not awaiting approval from SHDC but receipt of their comments on the draft plan. Any suggestion made will be incorporated into the plan. The idea being that we do not want the Plan being rejected when it goes to SHDC after the 6 week public consultation.(details available soon).

b) Affordable / Social housing is mentioned in the Plan - the difficulty in Totnes is available land to build social housing. Any new developments will have a percentage of affordable housing included. Unfortunately, as we all know, affordable does not mean what it says.

If anyone has any questions on the NP then please email me or contact the Council offices.



The next meeting of the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Working Group will be on Wednesday 6th November at 2pm in the Guildhall. We hope to be able to confirm arrangements for the public consutlation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan at this meeting. All are welcome to attend. T

A copy of the draft Neighbourhood Plan that will go to Full Council (Item 11) on 7th October 2019 can be found    HERE

The minutes of the last meeting can be found here.

Please click on Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Website to find out more about the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan, draft documents, previous minutes of meetings, and how to become involved.

If you have any comments you can email the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Working Group at:   


The 2017 pre-consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan document has been revised following the work of the Task and Finish Group sub-groups - its still in a rough draft format as it currently undergoes professional advice, but the draft can be found here. 

To view the Green Infrastructure Strategy, please see the following link:  

Neighbourhood Plan - Steamer Quay and KEVICC Reports

As part of the public engagement process and in advance of the public meeting on Tuesday 28th November at the Rowing Club, below are the links to the AECOM option reports for the Steamer Quay and KEVICC which are referred to in the pre-consultation draft Totnes Neighbourhood Plan (which can be found at the following link: and a copy is available to view in the Guildhall).

Steamer Quay Final Draft AECOM Report

KEVICC Final Draft AECOM Report

KEVICC AECOM Report: Context Statement



In response to the Localism Act introduced in 2011 Totnes Town Council is working towards developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Totnes.

 The Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Planning Task and Finish Group can be found at: /_UserFiles/Files/20180111 Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Task and Finish Group Terms of Reference - Final.docx



Consultation Timetable

Totnes Open Space Sport Recreation and Wellbeing

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